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This page contains pro tips for advanced players and beginners!
  • Build FAR AWAY from spawn! Under no circumstances should you be building within 10k of spawn unless you expect other players to find you! 
  • Hide your valuables! Raiding is allowed, so hide valuable items you do not want to lose in an ender chest or in hidden areas. 
  • Gain friends by earning trust: Trust is more difficult to earn in SV, as raiding is a large aspect of the server. Become an active member of the community, be kind to other players, and you will become someone that can be trusted in the community. 
  • Do not put trust in others blindly. Make sure you trust someone before allowing them to come to your base or meeting them outside of spawn. 
  • Do not put a nether portal in your base. Going through the nether to find nether portals is one method of base raiding. 
  • Vote often: Voting is an easy way to get xp levels, food, and diamonds daily!
  • Participate in events: The staff team does its best to come up with and coordinate events as often as possible, but we are busy adults with our own full-time jobs. Consider applying for the event committee and help plan and implement events for the community! 
  • Trade items! We have a marketplace channel in our Discord, where you can list items you are selling. Beef up the player economy, and gain trust by trading!
  • Never dig straight down!! (you should already know this one) 😉