Simply Vanilla
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This page contains list of commands for each default player.

-Gameplay Based-
/spawn - teleports to the spawn location on the map, which is 0,0. 
/home - teleports to the player's home location.
/sethome - Sets a player's home location. Each time a player uses /home they will be teleported here. (Can only set 1 home)
/tpa <username> - Sends a teleport request to another user. 
/tpahere <username> Sends a teleport request for another user to teleport to your location. 
/tpaccept & /tpdeny - Either rejects or accepts an incoming teleport request.
/tptoggle - Allows you to toggle the ability to receive teleport requests. 
/wild - Teleports you to a random location in the wild (Limited to 5k blocks away from spawn).
/trade - Teleports to the trading center where there are chests for trading with others.
/pvp - Teleports to the PVP arena.

-Chat Based-
/rules - Displays the rules of the server.
/help - Displays commands and other information about the server.
/faq - Displays answers to our frequently asked questions. 
/discord - Displays the link to our Discord.
/discord link - Sends a code so that a player can verify on our Discord. 
/votesites - Displays the voting sites for the server. 
/time - Displays the in-game time of day. 
/buy - Brings up the GUI for our Tebex shop. 
/msg <username> - Sends a message to another player.
/mail <username> - Sends a mail message to another player. This player can be offline when this is sent. 
/ignore <username> - Ignores a player. Any messages or teleport requests from this player will not show up for you.  
/seen <username> - Shows the last time a player has logged in.
/realname <playername> Displays the username of a player who has a nickname. 
/ping - Displays your current ping.