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simply vanilla 1.16.3

IP: simplyvanilla.co


Explore the world and survive with friends and meet new people along the way. With basic TP commands, your basemates are just a few clicks away. Players receive access to one sethome in case of death or for exploration. Use this to your advantage and begin your adventure!

friendly community

Simply Vanilla is full of kind, welcoming players willing to help out and chat. Although raiding is allowed, choose your play style and hide away from others, or raid bases to gain loot. The tight-knit community on Simply Vanilla is top notch and is key in having a great experience!


A unique aspect of our server is our ability to raid. Raiding is stealing from others' chests, and this creates a new fun aspect of Minecraft where you need to hide your items or keep them safe from others in an enderchest. Many players spend their time walking or flying around the map to see what kind of loot they can find.

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Simply Vanilla

Our server is focused on semi-vanilla game play, but we also incorporate a few lightweight plugins that make the vanilla experience more favorable. We pride ourselves on our tight-knit, kind community and are super welcoming! We have a mature player base with older players, usually 17+, and are overall a friendly server for just about anyone who comes by! Stop by today to meet your new server family!

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